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Cook Islands - Silver and Gold coins

Investment coins Since late 2008, the Cook Islands silver coin is on the market. It is a so-called agency issue, that is, a coin dealer on behalf of it may coin the coin. Again, the Pacific island gets a percentage for each coin sold. Shown is like the 100 ounces Münzbarren the "Bounty". Among the nominal $ 1. On the opposite Queen Elizabeth II is shown. In December, the Cook Islands was regarded as the best silver coin investment that exists in the market. Bullion coins One of the most extraordinary silver coin. For, although it is actually a bar, but by law a coin. A kilo of Barren measures just 10 x 5 cm and is the official currency on the tiny Pacific island Cook Iceland, which has about 18,000 inhabitants. On the one kilo version is the nominal value, which amounts to $ 30 to see the image of Queen Elizabeth II and the words "Cook Islands" to. In the 100 ounces Münzbarren is also the famous sailing ship the "Bounty presented. By 2007, the sign of the Australian Perth Mint was shown. Since 2008, the German silver refinery Heimerle + Meule from Pforzheim, the manufactures of it. The Cook Islands Münzbarren are extremely popular worldwide. One reason is the discounted rate of 7% in Germany and 10% in Austria, commercially for silver coins. For slabs in turn would pay 19%. But as it is tender, they are regarded as coins and thus, the concessional tax rate of, for example in Germany in the amount requested by 7%. Even more exceptional is the origin of the inventor of the Cook Islands Münzbarren. For it is not a native, but a German from the Palatinate, Kaiserslautern had the brilliant idea with which he has become successful worldwide. Especially for investors who rely on the pure precious metal value, the Cook Islands Münzbarren attractive. However, the Münzbarren does not meet the requirements of the London Bullion Market Association, in short LBMA, as the Cook Islands are characterized by producers who do not have LBMA certification.